Kie Sutherland

I’m Kie (pronounced like “pie” but with a “K!”), a Hoosier calling southern Indiana home for the last 18 years. I’ve graduated from here, married my high school sweetheart, and now have two wonderful daughters. Having spent over ten years as an insurance agent, COVID happened, which led me to look for something new and luckily find NO-BS Marketplace based out of Australia. What I lacked in SEO knowledge to start, I made up for with my decades of experience working with businesses, finding their pain points in insurance and coming up with creative solutions that were easy for them to understand.

SEO/Digital marketing, just like insurance, is loaded with weird terms and phrases that most don’t understand unless they’re fully drinking the Kool-Aid. With NO-BS, our name is quite literally our motto…having no-BS in everything we do, which was the same approach I took when speaking about insurance, and what made NO-BS a perfect fit for me! We pull the curtain back so you can see what the little green wizard (in this case, Google) is doing and empower you with helpful knowledge to hopefully start understanding this industry more than when you started.

I coach Cross-Country at Charlestown Middle School and co-founded Pirate Run Club, a local 501(c)(3) running club for ages 5 to 18. I’m a huge movie/show enthusiast (as you probably caught from above), so be prepared for me to ask what your favorite is too! I’m a boomer trapped in a millennial’s body with a child’s sense of humor, making my outlook on life be determined if I’ve had a snack and afternoon nap!