Keyword Frequency Counter

Keywords are used everyday within content, titles and meta data. Search engines like Google display results based on keywords and other underlying factors. Because of this it’s important to know your keyword frequency on any page so you can check it against your competitors.

Our free keyword frequency counter allows you to find out just how frequent keywords are added throughout your content. This tool allows you to add the content copy and will then count how many times each of those words are used throughout the content.

Why count the frequency keyword use? The simple answer is you want to make sure you’re not creating spammy content which is stuffed full of keywords. Keyword stuffing can have a heavy impact on your SEO efforts. The dangers of keyword stuffing include:

● It can cause Google to hit you with a penalty.
● It can cause problems with your site dropping in rankings.
● It can cause you to lose visitors from spammy looking content.

Understanding your keyword frequency can be powerful and can help you take your content to the next level. Not only that but you can also create better content that will benefit you and Google long term. Try out our free keywords frequency tracker today!