Meet Our Executive Team

With years of professional experience behind them, our executive team comes from all walks of life and have dedicated their lives to deliver only the very best for all our clients.

Aaron Gray


Aaron has over 13 years of experience in the digital marketing space. Understanding SEO and what it takes to get rankings to where they need to be, Aaron enjoys getting results for our clients. Living in Melbourne, Australia, Aaron loves to travel the world and is a big believer in helping others succeed with their marketing goals.

Tristan Gray


With over 13 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Tristan has been able to focus the skills he’s learnt over the years to help create a more transparent marketing agency. Tristan lives in Geelong and loves to travel across Australia with his family.

Our Story

NO-BS Marketplace has become a major player in the SEO industry, but it wasn’t always like this. It was born from an idea and drive to make SEO and link building a more ethical, transparent and affordable practice for marketers all around the world. From the humble beginnings of operating a digital marketing agency, to the opening of our SEO powerhouse called NO-BS Marketplace. This is our story...

2014: Birth Of Studio 56

Starting the journey in 2014, brothers Aaron and Tristan Gray launched a digital marketing agency, Studio 56. This agency specialised in search marketing and worked with SMEs across Melbourne to deliver powerful marketing strategies and better online results.

As time went on, Aaron and Tristan encountered consistent problems which kept dragging down the success of their client’s SEO campaigns and one of these problems was the ability to deliver and scale the off-page component of their SEO strategies, also known as link building.

2016: Scaled Outreach Internally

After a few years of dealing with the struggles of link building, some key pain points that kept arising were missed deadlines and the inability to review the quality of publishers before content was posted and the link went live. This meant receiving mediocre, unrelated, or even duplicate backlinks. Link building, as everyone knows, is unpredictable, especially when working with providers who use brokers, build their own PBN’s and use dodgy methods of gaining links.

Because of these pain points, the brothers decided to take matters into their own hands by building and training their very own outreach team to manage all their link building campaigns. After experimenting on their own client’s outreach and speaking with other agency owners who were also having similar issues, they thought it would be a good idea to sell these services direct to other agencies and affiliates as a quality and transparent link building service.

Initially the boys thought they had stumbled onto something great and leveraged their own networks, along with the audience on Black Hat World to sell over $50,000 worth of links in the first month. They quickly realised they couldn’t scale as well as they thought and took almost 3 months to deliver all the links purchased. The solution, build better technology to manage and scale the process.

2017: Launch Of The NO-BS Platform To The Public

In 2017, the NO-BS Marketplace became available to the public, and the uptake was spectacular. In the first year of launch, NO-BS did over $500,000 in sales and continued to grow more than 10% month-on-month. Because of this sudden and unexpected popularity, delivery and turnaround times continued to be a problem. To overcome this obstacle, Aaron and Tristan started to scale the internal team of writers and outreach specialists to help create better turnaround times and delivery rates.

2019: Platform Rebuild

After two years of orders and expanding the team, the NO-BS Platform underwent a full rebuild, which took over six months and more than $100,000. The result was a user-friendly, efficient project management platform which delivered a better experience and provided more flexibility for both client and staff operations.

In 2019, a new office in Geelong, Victoria, Australia opened. Not long after, NO-BS Marketplace started offering account managed services for time-poor clients. This service has seen steady growth over the years, making it a popular product among SEO and marketing agencies.

2020: COVID And 100% Growth

In 2020, the past year’s popularity and growth really took off with the business doubling in size. Because of this growth, Aaron and Tristan opened a second office in the heart of Melbourne and tripled the size of the Australian team to help manage the day-to-day operations of the business as it continued to scale. During the next year, more development and expansion was carried out on the NO-BS Platform to be ready for new product releases the following year.

2021: Content And SEO Services Released

In 2021, the team launched their highly anticipated SEO and content services to the public. These services were released to help give more affordable and scalable options when it comes to SEO and content.

2022 And Beyond

NO-BS Marketplace is only just starting its journey in the SEO industry. In the coming years, you can expect to see more from us in the future.

This is only the beginning for us.

To be continued…

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