Create your own robots.txt file

A robots.txt file is a short text file that resides in your home directory. Before search engines spider your site, they look into this file to see which files/file types and/or directories they are not allowed to see. This freeware utility will assist you in the creation of robots.txt files.
As a little ‘extra’ it also includes a block to many unwanted spiders that only crawl your site in order to collect the email addresses stored on your pages. (SPAM-bots)
Fill in the fields replacing the default values with your own ones. Create your robots.txt file, save it on your desktop and upload it at the root of your site.

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Disallow all robots:
Your site won’t be cralwed by any robots including the safe ones like google.
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Directories or single pages to exclude:
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for enter /free/tibet.html
for enter ../subdomain/private/
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Disallow unsafe robots:
Include our sorted list of 135 additional unsafe robots that crawl your site for spamming or other dirty activity.

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