Robots Txt Generator

What is a robots.txt file?
A robots.txt file is located within your home directory and is classified as a short text file. This file is first checked by search engine spiders before they scan your overall site. The robots.txt file lets the spiders know which pages/files/directories are allowed to be checked and which ones aren’t allowed to be checked.


4 Simple Steps

Our free Robots Txt Generator can help you create robots.txt files quickly and easily. 

  1. Fill in the fields with your own values. 
  2. Create your robots.txt file
  3. Save it on your desktop
  4. Upload it to your site.

Benefits of using a robots.txt file?

Have control over what shows up on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

  • A well-crafted robots.txt file can easily prevent search engine spiders from scanning content that could negatively impact your brand authority. 

Maintain link equity in guest posts and editorial links.

  • Link-building is only effective if the link equity transfers from the publisher’s site to your site. Link equity is the value that a publisher site provides another through backlinks that increase rankings on SERPs. 

As an added bonus our robots.txt generator includes a block against many unwanted spiders, or SPAM-bots, which generally crawl your website to collect the email addresses which are stored on those pages. 

Whether you want to improve search engine rankings or if you want to get the most value out of your guest posting & link-building efforts, our free generator makes the creation of robots.txt files simple and easy. 

Default robot access

Additional rules


Allow robotfile or directoryAction