Broken Link Checker

Worried you might have broken links on your website? Don’t worry anymore, you can check your website with ease with this broken link checker. This link checker is one of the most comprehensive checkers on the internet. This link checker comes close to the official W3C link checker.

This free tool shows you which links are affected and the status of that link. Having broken links on your website without realising it can cause you to have trouble gaining new customers, possibly losing existing customers, or even damaging your online reputation. Once users start to find broken links it can be hard for them to return to your website, especially if they find an alternative. Not only that but broken links can also negatively affect your website rankings long term causing problems with search engines like Google.

The most common broken link error you’ll see is the 404 error. But what causes these errors to occur? The most common reasons for broken links are:

● Videos, PDFs, or other documents linked from your site are changed, removed, or deleted.
● Links to a third party page which has been moved or changed without you knowing.
● Moving or renaming a website without changing the internal links.

No matter the cause of your broken links, it’s always good to get them fixed as soon as you find them. Don’t leave them broken because it can cause real issues with your website over time. Use our free broken link checker today!

Broken Link Checker

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