David Howard

With over 40 years of experience David is an accomplished Digital Marketing Strategist & General Marketer. His capacity to adapt to rapidly changing platforms, integrated sales and marketing channels and dynamic market trends is complemented by a mature approach, commercial acumen and sophisticated sales and branding expertise. David’s catch cry is that the key to any marketing activity is transparency. Transparency in deliverables and in measuring return on investment.

SEO is already undergoing a transparent revolution and The NO-BS Marketplace is leading the charge. Gone are the days of building links and not knowing what you’re actually getting in return for your dollars. NO-BS is a transparent marketplace with a vision to change the link building industry by creating transparency and legitimacy for SEO’s by offering a service that works with you to connect with the right publishers based on your needs. David lives in Melbourne and loves travel, the AFL footy and family and friends of the two and four legged variety.