Keyword Research Tool

This keyword research tool is designed to help you find the right keywords for your website and SEO campaign. To use this keyword tool simply add a keyword into the search bar and fill out any other relevant field and our tool will do the rest for you.

Our tool will show you the keyword, search volume, and the competition for that keyword whether it’s high or low. By researching keywords you have the potential to work out what current keywords may not be working for you and what type of keywords you should be targeting for better overall results.

The benefits of analysing and choosing more targeted keywords include:

● Better results for your SEO efforts.
● The potential of people finding your site easier.
● Optimises your site better when Google crawls your website.

Keywords are arguably the most important element of any SEO strategy, why risk not choosing keywords which don’t work for you. Try our free tool now and gain better insight into your SEO and marketing efforts.