5 Steps On How I Overcame My Mind Block To Create Cut-Throat Blog Topics

Aaron Gray
Aaron Gray

calender calendar-blackJanuary 24 , 2020

Content Marketing

Mind block—the ultimate enemy of a writer when creating blog topics for new content. No matter how much you curse and swear at the computer screen, those tiny words just won’t flow out. I had this just recently. I was creating topic titles for upcoming blog posts and, for once in my life, my mind went blank, like a piece of paper with invisible ink on it. 

So how did I overcome this? Like a superwoman, I decided to do the only thing that I could think of: 

Write this blog. 

So without further torturing you with a lot of unnecessary intro content, here’s my simple step-by-step guide on overcoming a mind block when you’re trying to create catchy titles for your blogs.

How To Overcome Your Blog Topic Mind Block

STEP 1: Write Crappy Headlines 

Yes, you read that right—crappy headlines. In order to be good, you have to start with being bad—without being bad, how can you improve? 

So, start by working out the niche you’re trying to write your blogs in. For this example I’ll be using digital marketing

Once your niche it set, work on writing just random crappy, everyday boring topics, like the following below: 

  • SEO Tips For Beginners 
  • Content Marketing Tips For Businesses 
  • Advantages Of Link Building

Boring, right? But don’t get discouraged. This is a good starting point.

Now let’s move on to…

STEP 2: Understand Power Words 

Power words—ever heard of them? If not, you’re not alone. Power words are, overall, general words that give power or life to written content. They’re designed to evoke excitement, danger, curiosity, and other emotions in the reader. 

Power words come in different categories depending on the emotional reaction you’re trying to gain from the reader. These categories include:

  • Greed – For triggering the desire for more money or those who want to save money. 
  • Curiosity – For triggering the desire to look closer into something.
  • Unmotivated – For triggering motivation for those who are unmotivated. 
  • Lust – For triggering the overall sensation for desire.
  • Vanity – For triggering self-imagery of oneself.
  • Trust – For triggering trust in someone. 
  • Anger – For triggering the feeling of anger in people. 
  • Fear – For triggering the essence of fear. 

Some power words you might find useful to add to your titles include the following (beware, though, it’s an extensive list):


Beware Beating  Backlash Assault
Apocalypse Armageddon  Annihilate  Agony 
Cataclysmic Cadaver Bumbling Buffoon 
Bomb Bloody  Blinded Bloodbath
Blood Bloodcurdling  Dangerous Crisis
Danger  Caution   Collapse  Catastrophe 
Corpse  Crazy  Cripple  Fail 
Feeble  Epidemic  Embarrass  Dumb
Disastrous Drowning  Destroy  Devastating
Death  Deadly  Holocaust  Hoax
Hazardous  Hack  Gullible  Gambling 
Frantic  Fooled  Frightening  Fire
Mired  Meltdown Lurking  Horrific 
Insidious Hurricane  IRS  Invasion 
Jeopardy Jail Lawsuit  Looming 
Lunatic  Poor Plummet  Poison 
Piranha Peril Scream Refugee
Murder Mistake Painful Poison
Nightmare Pale Reckoning Prison
Panic Played Savage Risky
Revenge Pitfall Plague Pus
Slaughter Smash Suck Searing
Tailspin Terrorist Shatter Suffering
Silly Strangle Wounded Slave
Stupid Shellacking Scary Teetering
Terror Targeted Tank Warning
Torture Toxic Wreaking havoc Worry
Vulnerable Tragedy Trap Victim
Vaporize Trauma Volatile Traumatising 



Greedy Ruthless Sick and tired Hostile
Arrogant Agitate Hate Snooty
Loathsome Backstabbing Know-it-all Money-grubbing
Annoy Abuse Lies Underhanded
Foul Force-fed Corrupt Stink
Screw Morally bankrupt Crooked Revolting
Rant Raise hell Beat down Ass kicking
Coward Disgusting Diminish Crush
Worst Weak Wounded Diatribe
Bullshit Maul Lying Miff
Lose Sneaky Smug B.S.
Buffoon Brutal Fear Payback
Obnoxious Pound Thug Vicious
Boil over Punish Snotty Stuck up
Broke Sniveling No Good Nazi
Snob Pitiful Exploit Evil
Bully / Victim Provoke Waste Violent



No questions asked Lifetime Improved Fully refundable
No strings attached No risk No obligation Money Back
Professional Privacy Pay zero Ensured
Protected Official Ironclad Guaranteed
Genuine Expert Recession-proof Recognized
Scientifically-proven Studies show Refund Proven
Research Tested Well-respected Reliable
Safety Results Secure Worldwide
Verify Track  Try before you buy Unconditional
Record  Anonymous Case study Certified
Dependable Endorsed Don’t worry Best
Accredited Authentic Authoritative Best selling
Cancel anytime According to Approved Reliability 
Backed Because Authority Bona fide



Magic Amazing Lucky Ahead of the game
Strong Stunning At the top Money-making
Attractive Staggering Mind-blowing Amplify
Gorgeous Good-looking Guts Successful
Handsome Victory Wealthy Cheer
Valor Crowned Vanquish Clever
Conquer Brazen Brassy Boost
Boss Bravery Courage Booming
Spectacular Spine Noteworthy Notable
Sassy Sensational Prosperous Smart
Daring Quick-witted Remarkable Saucy
Super-human Ultimate Optimal Unbeaten
Turbo charge Triumph Undefeated Jaw-dropping
Jubilant Legendary Kick ass Hero
Fearless Wondrous You Knockout
Foxy Epic Elite Wonderful
Fortunate Enchant Genius Elegant
Bold / Effective Brilliant Bright Drop-dead
Awe-inspiring  Beautiful Defiance  Dazzling



Lascivious Magnetic Shameless Lonely
Depraved Compelling Spank Sweaty
Naughty Tantalizing Charismatic Passionate
Mind-blowing Sex Wild Sinful
Captivating Sleeping Whip Provocative
Brazen Mischievous Tease Uncensored
Fascinating Lick Pleasurable Lust
Alluring Lovely Steamy Sleazy
Riveting Crave Scandalous Tawdry
Engaging Mouthwatering Promiscuous Wanton
Exotic Dirty Stimulating Enchanting
Exposed Obsession Urge Striking
Desire Thrilling Sensual Hypnotic
Forbidden Intriguing Naked Flirt



Building blocks In record time Printable How-to
Basic In less than Piece of cake Plain
On demand Accessible Manifest Ready
Cheat sheet Freebie Ingredients Simple
All-inclusive Gift Painless Picnic
Components Manageable Pattern Factors
Comprehensive No-nonsense Simple as ABC Quick
Efficient No sweat Tools Uncomplicated
Mere Index Replicate No problem
Child’s play Itemized Roadmap Guide
Kickstart Elements Straightforward Template
Downloadable Elementary Steal Nothing to it
Cinch Formula Smooth-sailing Instant
Effortless Foolproof Mold Smooth
Clear Copy Light Snap
Model Swipe List Report 
Now Complete Steps Minutes
Easy Fill in the blanks Economical Free



Undiscovered On the QT Be the first Uncharted
Become an insider Banned Off-limits Trade secret
Behind-the-scenes Under wraps Unauthorized Unbelievable
Unconventional Odd Astonishing Off-the-record
Priceless Under the table Outlawed Backdoor
Cringeworthy Private Dark Top-secret
Crazy Elusive Underground Extraordinary
Eye-opening Limited Interesting Super secret
Unexplained Confessions Little-known Strange
Unheard of Controversial Members only Unsung
Key Invitation only Stunning Thought-provoking
Black market Classified Login required Shocking
Hilarious Illusive Smuggled Sneak peek
Myths Wacky Bizarre Withheld
Insider Forbidden Hush-hush Unexplored
Psycho Remote Class full Spoiler
Bootleg Censored Untold Zany
Restricted Unlock  Secrets Shh!
Privy Blacklisted Ridiculous Unusual
Unique  Lost  Secret  Illegal
Closet Incredibly Confidential Cover-up
Hidden Forgotten Concealed Covert



Whopping Sale ends soon  Reduced Don’t miss out 
While they last Soaring  Save / Savings Price Break 
Value Special Running Out  Prize
Skyrocket Surge Rich Profit
Upsell Treasure Quick Quadruple
Ultimate  Triple  Bargain Before 
Reduced  Six-figure  Frenzy Frugal
Greatest Gift Giveaway Guilt-free 
Hurry  Best  Big Inexpensive 
Cash  Bonus  Bonanza  Billon
Cheap  Instantly  Jackpot  Deadline 
Premiere New Now  Pay zero
Discount  Never again  Last chance  Limited 
Monetize  Massive  Marked Down  Luxurious 
Nest egg  More Money  Fortune First 
Final  Feast  Fast  Extra explode 
Expires  Exclusive  Economical  Dollar 




Wow, that was a long list! 

STEP 3: Utilise Power Words 

So now you’ve had your eyes overwhelmed by the exhaustive list of power words—I know, there was a lot there—and now it’s time to put it into action. So, take the crappy titles you’ve had before: 

  • SEO Tips For Beginners 
  • Content Marketing Tips For Businesses 
  • Advantages Of Link Building 

Now think of the emotion you want to trigger from your title. What is it? For this article we’re going to try a few types of power words to generate interesting and creative topics. Let’s take a look below at the topics with different power words added. 

Title: SEO Tips For Beginners 

Power Word Type  Words Used  New Title 
Greed Inexpensive, Skyrocket  Inexpensive SEO Tips For Beginners That Skyrocket Your Startup  
Curiosity  Bizarre, Eye-opening Bizarre SEO Tips For Beginners That Give Eye-Opening Results 
Unmotivated  In record time, effortless  Effortless SEO Tips For Beginners That Rank You In Record Time


Title: Content Marketing Tips For Businesses 

Power Word Type  Words Used  New Title 
Lust  Mind-blowing, Alluring  Mind-Blowing Content Marketing Tips To Make Your Business Alluring To Leads 
Vanity  Fearless, Jaw-dropping  Fearless, Jaw-Dropping Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses 
Trust  No-Risk, Genuine  No-Risk Content Marketing Tips For Genuine Businesses


Title: Advantages Of Link Building 

Power Word Type  Words Used  New Title 
Anger  Ass-Kicking, Crush  Ass-Kicking Advantages Of Link Building That Can Crush The Competition 
Fear Dangerous, Terror  Dangerous Advantages Of Link Building That Can Bring Terror To Your Competition 

Do you see the difference? Yes, these titles are enhanced, but did you know there’s still another way you can raise the level of titles?

Yes, that’s right. This is with the use of numbers…

STEP 4: Add Numbers 

By adding numbers to the beginning of your titles, it helps to give you that extra lift you may be looking for. Let’s have a look using the same titles as before: 

Title: SEO Tips For Beginners 

New Title 
7 Inexpensive SEO Tips For Beginners That Skyrocket Your Startup  
10 Bizarre SEO Tips For Beginners That Give Eye-Opening Results 
9 Effortless SEO Tips For Beginners That Rank You In Record Time


Title: Content Marketing Tips For Businesses 

New Title 
18 Mind-Blowing Content Marketing Tips For Alluring Leads To Your Businesses 
14 Fearless, Jaw-Dropping Content Marketing Tips For Businesses 
19 No-Risk Content Marketing Tips For Genuine Businesses


Title: Advantages Of Link Building 

New Title 
22 Ass-Kicking Advantages Of Link Building That Can Crush The Competition 
24 Dangerous Advantages Of Link Building That Can Bring Terror To Your Competition 

Adding something as simple as numbers can really help bring life to your already intriguing titles. 

STEP 5: Think Outside The Box 

Following a set order of instructions is good and all, but don’t forget to think outside the box. 

What I mean is, try to experiment with the titles and rearranging them with a mixture of power words, and even rearranging the way they’ve been written. 

Here’s an example of a couple from our previous topic title variations: 

Title: SEO Tips For Beginners 


7 Inexpensive SEO Tips For Beginners That Skyrocket Your Startup  
10 Bizarre SEO Tips For Beginners That Give Eye-Opening Results 

9 Effortless SEO Tips For Beginners That Rank You In Record Time


7 Sensational Startup Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your SEO Efforts 
10 Eye-Opening SEO Mistakes That Can Make You A Victim

9 Expert SEO Tips That Give You A Building Block Of Unexplored Results 

With just a bit of imagination, a sprinkle of thought, and some good old fashion skills, you can overcome your writer’s block and deliver outstanding article titles like no other. 


Whether you’re creating a new blog, link building, or you need to generate content for your own website, the title is the key to getting people’s attention. With these tips above, you, too, can be creative and defeat your mental block. 

Have you overcome your mind block? 


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