This WordPress Plugin Offers The Easiest Way To Create Web Stories

Following a recent article on Web Stories, we would like to introduce its official WordPress plugin

WordPress’ Web Stories plugin will help you navigate, createedit, and publish stories without breaking a sweat

First of all, here’s quick recap on Google Web Stories in case you missed our recent article:

Web Stories are essentially bite-sized, highly engaging pieces of visual content. 

Theyre extremely customizable with pictures, videos, text, and sound. Very creator-oriented and not adheavy. Stories that follow the guidelines and recommendations can be featured on a lot of different places on across Google ecosystem. This can attract significant traffic if done right, and  give story publishers enormous potential for monetization.

More about the plugin:

To sum it up, the WordPress plugin facilitates Web Stories. Without it, you would need coding experience and knowledge of the AMP framework just to publish a single story. The plugin, on the other hand, makes it as easy as a click-and-drag process. 

If you’re familiar with Canva or any photo editing tool, then you’ll be surprised at how similar they the plugin’s functionality isSide note: Canva is also integrable with the plugin!

Here are the most important benefits of this plugin:

  • Easy to install:

     With one click, you can add the plugin to your WordPress site. That’s all it takes. All you have to do is go to your dashboard, click plugins, then add new, and search for ‘Web Stories’

  • Easy to create engaging content:

     It gives you access to eight different templates for inspiration. If you don’t need one, you can make your own from scratch.

  • Easy to publish your new story: 

    Once you’ve created your Web Story, you can preview, save as draft, or straight up publish it to the web, without any coding expertise whatsoever.


    Screenshot of Enabling Web Stories from Google Developer Site

That’s it! Remember that Web Stories can be seen not only on search, but also on Google Images, Discover and the Google App. As such, if you’re looking to boost your traffic or find creative new ways to release content, this is definitely the right place to start.