The 15 Best Monthly Link Building and Backlink Analysis Tools

Backlinks to your website can prove to be very beneficial if they’re linking to high quality websites. When it comes to creating a good backlink profile, it’s important to remember that it isn’t easy. There’s a lot involved in it. However in today’s world with the ever changing evolution of SEO, more and more tools are now becoming available for people when it comes to building backlinks and also for link building itself. If you’re someone who wants to get in the game of building quality links, then this article is for you. All the tools mentioned in this article are the best link building and backlink analysis tools you can use to your advantage each month. Let’s get started.

The Top 15 Tools Available In The World For Link Building Backlinks

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is probably one of the most well-rounded tools available when it comes to link building. Ahrefs stands out and has become popular amongst link builders because it has the ability to analyse any type of backlinks along with referring domains as well. This great tool allows you to narrow down your filters to be able to see accurate data of your current link building profile. It allows you to know whether you have good or spammy backlinks in your profile.

It’s other tools include:

  • Site Explorer
  • Content explorer
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Rank Tracker
  • Alerts
  • SEO Toolbar

It’s extra tools include:

  • Batch Analysis
  • Domain Comparison
  • Link Intersect
  • Content Gap

Some other features include:

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Backlink Checker
  • Keyword Generator
  • SERP Checker
  • Broken Link Checker

What makes this tool stand out is it features a speedy crawler. Ahrefs has the ability to crawl over 4.1 million pages. This is why this backlinking tool has the ability to accurately provide data without delay. It also allows you to know where your competition is at by providing private data on your competitions link growth, top linked pages, broken/lost/new links, and most other data you may be interested in. It’s Link Intersect feature helps you see the link domains who are linking to your competition. If you’re interested in link building or backlinking analysis, this tool is for you.

2. Majestic SEO

Containing over 875 billion backlinks within it’s index, Majestic SEO is one of the leading worldwide backlinking tools you can use. Majestic SEO contains a large number of features which enables you to easily audit your website efficiently while also determining the content style which your audience is drawn too. Not only that but this tool can also tell you where your backlinks are coming from.

Some tools that this program offers depending on the plan you choose include:

  • Majestic Million
  • Majestic Plugins
  • Campaigns
  • Verified Domains
  • Site Explorer
  • Bulk Backlink Checker
  • URL Submitter
  • OpenApps
  • Flow Metrics History
  • Business Profile
  • Compare Domains
  • Custom Reports
  • Keyword Checker
  • Neighbourhood Checker
  • Experimental
  • Rank Tracker

It can also provide you with a graphical illustration which gives you a comparison on how you fair against your competition. The cost of this tool ranges from $49 – $399 depending on the plan you choose.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is well known as one of the best all-in-one SEO toolkit. SEMRush is capable of providing an in-depth analysis of website data which can be incorporated easily within your digital marketing strategy. SEMRush has many different tool features which have the ability to not only help with link building, but it provides PR tools as well to help you track industry trends, monitor mentions, and perform backlink analysis and audits.

Some features and tools of SEMRush include:

  • Organic Research
  • Full Analytics
  • Display Advertising
  • Advertising Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Domain vs Domain
  • Reporting
  • Charts
  • Position Tracking
  • Site Audit
  • Social Media Poster
  • Social Media Tracker
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Backlink Audit Tool
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Content Analyser

SEMRush also gives you access to paid traffic analysis, SEO audits, and the ability to generate summaries for content treads. SEMRush gives you affordability at around $99/month and can be essential when it comes to building your backlink profile.

4. Linkio

For backlink planning, Linkio is one of the most powerful automation tool available that helps to take the tedious and repetitive work out of link building campaign setup. This tool is ideal for both agencies and brands as it operates using a sophisticated analysis engine that can recommend the next set of links you should be ranking for. The way the system works is this; you enter a few keywords and URL into the system and from there the system calculates any existing backlinks, then calculates the percentage of ideal anchor texts. This tool then tells you what type of links you should be building next by modelling top ranking sites against your current backlink profile.

The anchor text section of this tool is free to use and gives you ideas for anchor texts for targeted keywords. Because Linkio researches top ranking site backlink profiles, it has an overall view of the anchor text patterns that are used and then creates an algorithm which provides your next recommendations for anchor text. Overall Linkio takes the guesswork out of building backlinks and anchor texts for your articles.

5. SE Ranking

The main overall competition to SEMrush, SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help improve your overall marketing and ranking efforts long term. SE Ranking is a comprehensive tool that allows you to access complete backlink monitoring and tracking. This tool provides accurate rank tracking, deep website audits, as well as full competition analysis.

There are four main features which contains many different tools. These include:

SEO Tools

  • On Page SEO Audit
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Backlinks Monitoring
  • Backlink checker
  • Page Changes Monitoring
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Marketing Plan

Competitor Research

  • Backlink Checker
  • Competitor PPC/SEO

Social Media Management

B2B Features

  • SEO Reporting Tools
  • Lead Generator
  • White Label
  • API

With the ability to access all these key features and tools you’ll be able to really bring something to you link building efforts.

6. MozBar

MozBar is one of the digital marketing industries leading SEO tools available. This tool has over half a million installations and gives you a full SEO toolbar at your disposal. This tool is made user friendly. It’s easy to understand, easy to use, and provides you with an additional layer of information when you visit each website. Each time you visit a new website, MozBar provides you with key metrics instantly to help you gauge the authority of each website. It also provides more useful tools and features within its system including:

  • Authority Scores
  • Data Export
  • On Page Highlighter
  • Custom Searches
  • Page Overlay
  • More Metrics

MozBar can provide you with data such as link metrics, schema markup, HTTP status codes, on-page elements, keyword difficulty, plus so much more.

7. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is another great Moz tool that can help you with your link building efforts. Voted the 3rd most powerful link building tool between 55 experts in the industry. This tool is ideal if you want detailed backlink analysis of both your website and the competition. It helps to provide you with a unique insight for you to be able to search for more potential opportunities when it comes to link building. It’s new main key features are:

  • Target URL
  • Top Pages On A Domain
  • Comprehensive CSV Export
  • Improved Filtering
  • Usability Enhancements

With the help of these features and more, you can easily see your backlinks that are new and determine where they’re coming from with ease.

8. MozPro

MozPro is a great tool to help not only with your link building efforts but also with tracking your ROI. MozPro is classified as the complete SEO Toolset. It offers insight into link ranking and performance, a streamlined interface, as well as comprehensive reporting. This tool allows you to focus on your link building strategy more effectively each month than having to run keyword reports manually or having to schedule website crawls every couple of weeks.

This tool offers some great features which include:

  • Track Rankings
  • Visitor Understanding
  • Website Audits and Crawling
  • Page Optimisation
  • Link Opportunity Research
  • Custom Reports

With simplicity it allows you to add value to your overall link building needs, long term.

9. Link Prospector

In the link building world, there’s many ways you can acquire links. It doesn’t matter how you achieve your links, the end result to ranking well in search engines it to have quality pages that feature your backlinks. This is where Link Prospector comes into play. Link Prospector is a tool that can help with analyzing large data amounts before listing potential opportunities and link partners. This tool can cut your search time down considerably. Link prospector is one of the most highly acclaimed tools for link building on the market. This program offers up to 16 reporting types. It helps you plan out your link building strategy more effectively.

This tool has self-service outreach tools that can help to support your outreach efforts. These include:

  • Link Prospector
  • Broken Link Builder
  • Co-Citation Tool
  • Contact Finder
  • Zipsprout

Whether you’re looking for forum, PR, or guest posts backlinks, Link Prospector may be able to help find what you’re looking for.

10. Cognitive SEO

If you’re looking to easily find holes and weaknesses in your backlinking campaign, Cognitive SEO is the tool for you. This tool analyses your link profile to find any links that are unnatural or which are incurring penalties that could affect your overall rating. Not only that but it also gives you the tools required to help fix the problem as well. This tool gives you the ability to track backlink performance, as well as analyse and audit backlinks as well. Some other key features of this tool include:

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Penalty Recovery
  • Rank Tracker
  • Content Visibility
  • Marketing Reports

For savvy SEO experts or beginners, this tool is a great asset for anyone who wants to remove any bad backlinks from your overall website.

11. BuzzStream

If you haven’t heard yet, Buzzstream is one of the best enterprise tier outreach management tools available. Buzzstream makes the process of managing your outreach so much simpler. This tool contains the latest features when it comes to everything link building. Buzzstream allows you to:

  • Prospect for different websites based on parameters set by you.
  • It also allows you to send personal messages to your prospected websites and track all messages that you’ve sent to them.
  • Provides easy upload of CSV website files.
  • Automatically searches for contact details and other vital information.
  • Supports multiple users.
  • Tracks the relationship stage of the process.
  • Bulk send feature.
  • Plus so much more.

This outreach management tool, allows you to grow your relationships with websites, as well as become an industry influencer long term. If you’re looking to complete blogger outreach yourself, this tool is the right one for you.

12. URL Profiler

URL profiler is a great tool when you want to quickly audit your overall backlinks, social data and content. This tool can provide you with all the social sharing and link metrics you need to build out your overall content inventory. It also allows for a comprehensive audit of any unnatural backlinks as well as compile and extract data that you can utilise to optimise your link building campaign within minutes.

Key features of this tool include:

  • Content Audits
  • Link Prospecting
  • Penalty Audits
  • Social and Contact Data
  • Domain Research
  • Backlink Checker

If you want a full audit of your website and backlinks, this is the tool to use.

13. Linkody

Linkody is a tool that helps you check backlinks automatically without you ever needing to check them manually again. This tool not only helps to save time but also continues to offer some great features. This tool includes the ability to disavow and pinpoint any spammy links, give you an inside look into what you’re competitors are up to, as well as notify you when you lose or gain links. With these features it allows you to see your ever changing link profile and allows you to stay on top of it. If you lose a link you need to know why and if you gain a link you want to make sure it’s a quality link.

The main features of this include:

  • Multi-User Support
  • Disavow Tool
  • Instant Link Location
  • Landing Page Audits
  • Email Notifications
  • Full Moz Data
  • PDF White Label Reports
  • Social Shares
  • Google Analytics
  • Link Analytics
  • CSV export
  • Analysis of backlinks and their statuses

This tool is great when you want to analyse and monitor your overall link building profile.

14. Kerboo

Kerboo offers many different features and tools but one that can really help with your link building is the Kerboo Monitor tool. This tool is great because of its main feature for monitoring links that are live or down. It also helps you when conducting link building along with link removal as needed. It can help you conduct daily checks as well. One of the best features of Kerboo is you can create lists of links that are most important. These are links you want to keep at all cost. This system allows you to check daily if a link is no-followed for more than three days, and helps you to find answers as well to your overall profile.

Some of the key features of Kerboo include:

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Prospect Gathering
  • Link Monitoring
  • Site Investigation
  • Site Hunting
  • Outreach and CRM
  • API

Whether you want to remove bad links or you want to improve your link profile, this link monitoring tool is ideal for you.

15. LinkResearchTools

LinkResearchTools is a great tool if you’re looking to monitor the quality of your links. This tool integrates data from 24 link backends and gives you an overview of your backlink profile when needed. You can analyse every link you have back to your website through 97 unique metrics. You can even customize filters and metrics on the tool to meet your needs. Filters can include buzz, trust, power, impact and contact data, plus many others.

Other things you can do with this tool includes:

  • Monitor inbound links
  • Remove a Google penalty
  • Improve existing backlinks
  • Discover link opportunities
  • Spot link building trends

This tool is good for when you want to audit your link profile. It’s everything you need when it comes to monitoring your backlinks.


When it comes to link building and backlinking tools, these are just some of the best of the batch that you can utilise to your advantage. Whether you want to prospect, outreach or monitor and analyse your backlinks these are a great start. Building and monitoring backlinks isn’t easy, however with these simple tools it can make the process a lot easier. Which ones have you used in the past?