One of the reasons for Google’s popularity over other search engines is its overarching goal of providing excellent user experience through high-quality results for the subject matter a searcher wants to learn or discover more about. Another thing that makes Google popular among SEO professionals is that the company continues to develop the system by rolling out updates to discover and address technical issues or loopholes in the Google algorithm that shady entities can abuse to deceive consumers. They even have a Google search status dashboard where users can check the status of the Google search services for complete transparency.

What Is An Algorithm, anyway?

An Algorithm is a step by step method which is used to help solve a problem in computer operations and data processing. Algorithms are designed to manipulate data in a number of ways to help a person or program come to a solution to anything they may be having issues with. Internet search engines like Google perform a search algorithm update annually to help promote better functions for website users. A proper SEO strategy is based on this algorithm.

What is a Google Algorithm Update?

A Google algorithm update is a system update in which parameters and search algorithm data is modified to help provide better organic search results for a searcher, along with enhancing search rankings of websites. These types of updates made by Google are designed to try and penalise websites which don’t conform to their webmaster guidelines and praise those who do. Google continues to upgrade their search algorithms regularly to help provide a better overall experience for website visitors and website owners.

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Here are the minor and major algorithm updates that transformed the Google search engine into the powerhouse that it is today; beginning with the latest:

Mobile Page Speed Update

  • calender calendar-blackJuly 2018
  • calendar-black 4 min read

Google implemented the mobile page speed update in July 2018, which saw this element become a ranking factor for mobile search results. There was no evidence of significant mobile ranking shifts, as this another mobile-friendly update only affected the slowest sites.

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Chrome Security Warnings (Sites)

  • calender calendar-blackJuly 2018
  • calendar-black 4 min read

Chrome version 68 implemented a feature that alerts searchers if one finds and is about to access an unsecure page. This aligns with Google's vision of providing a safe browsing experience for users.

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Snippet Length Drop

  • calender calendar-blackMay and June 2018
  • calendar-black 4 min read

After trying out 300-character snippets in November 2017, Google retracted the change and rolled back most of it to the previous limit in May 2018. There wasn't any significant impact on the SERPs.

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Video Carousels Update

  • calender calendar-blackMay and June 2018
  • calendar-black 4 min read

In the next month, the team launched a new SERP feature, which transported videos from organic-like results into a video carousel. It replaced the old video thumbnails feature that Google uses previously.

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