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SEO is an ever-changing world and that’s why we’re proud to share our findings with the wider SEO industry for free. I still remember the first days of learning SEO back in 2008. The only way most of us learnt back then was in forums like Warrior Forum and Black Hat World. I don’t hide the fact that, that is my history. I used to build PBNs and it worked, but times change and that’s why we care so much about showing the next generation of SEO’s there is a better and more transparent ways to do SEO.


Aaron Gray


In today’s world Ecommerce websites are a popular choice for brick and mortar businesses to really enhance their overall exposure to more customers around the world. When building an Ecommerce website there are so many things to consider, that it can be confusing. However, when you get down to the basics, one thing you really… Continue reading Critical SEO Mistakes That Ecommerce Businesses Are Still Making