Digital Marketing Trends Set To Make Impact In 2016

2016 is the year for new and upcoming digital marketing trends to dominate the scene. With more and more technology being developed, it’s no wonder digital marketing has enhanced itself greatly from the years gone by. From video marketing to mobile marketing, let’s take a look now at some of the digital marketing trends for small businesses which are set to impact the online and business scene this coming year.

Top Marketing Trends That Will Overtake This Year

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is said to over-throw desktop marketing this coming year with mobile traffic finally taking over desktop traffic in 10 countries worldwide. The algorithm Mobilegeddon was also released which is set to phase out any websites which aren’t already optimized for mobile. Because of this increase in mobile traffic, digital marketing is said to take a major turn in focusing more on mobile users than desktop users. While desktops will still have minimal marketing included, the dominance of mobile marketing is really starting to take off this year and continue in the years to come.

Video Ad Marketing

While videos aren’t new to advertising, recently Google started getting on board with SERP video advertising. This means that the more video advertising is used, the more it may affect your website rankings. This type of marketing trend comes on the back of more users starting to become more accepting of video ads online, and with Google ownership of popular video sites such as YouTube, there is an endless possibility to really focus on this digital marketing trend to boost conversions, leads, and ROI in the future.

Digital Assistant Optimization

With the rise of digital assistants, the future has some new kind of optimization techniques and tricks in store for marketing efforts. SEO and PPC advertising has become the two popular strategies to optimize websites to bring in more visitors and traffic. However, with digital assistants such as Cortana and Siri, if businesses could utilize these digital assistants within their businesses for visitors to find information quicker, it will help to boost your website traffic greatly while being user friendly for your visitors. Digital assistants and websites, it’s a great mix don’t you think?

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality devices are set to really explode onto the marketing scene and allows for digital marketers to have another way to promote online advertising through integration of video channels, popular social media platforms, and direct messaging. The most popular and highly anticipated VR device is Oculus Rift. With the release of these VR devices, marketers can now start to work there marketing efforts towards this medium in order to really capture a new way of marketing.

App Indexing For More App Development

App indexing isn’t new, however with more and more businesses realising the advantages of online visibility for dedicated apps, it will help to improve the possibility of ranking higher in search engines. With apps having the ability to do just as much as what websites can, in the future you may find websites starting to phase out eventually. When this happens those with dedicated apps will have a higher chance of really pushing their business to that next level of advertising and marketing. Not only that but apps appeal to mobile users and with more and more people using mobiles, it’s no wonder many people and businesses are moving in this direction.

Live Video Streaming

Another video marketing trend that’s becoming more popular is live video streaming. Live video streaming has the ability to grab the consumer’s attention while allowing them to engage with this marketing effort. This is because more consumers will feel as if they’re a part of the brand experience. Two major apps which promote live streaming include Periscope and Meerkat. These apps allow you to live stream videos from your mobile before sharing them across the Twitter community. Your followers or users can then comment on the video and interact with it. To create a live streaming video which captures your audience’s attention, you need to create something that is inviting, impactful, and talkable for the best results.


When it comes to new and upcoming digital marketing trends for 2016, these are some of the biggest ones that are said to change the way digital marketing is thought about. Either way businesses are fast tracking themselves on the trend train and are ready to incorporate some of these trends into their marketing efforts for more visibility and control in their industry. So are you looking forward to any of these digital marketing trends?