The business landscape has changed dramatically over the years that it’s impossible to take business and technology apart. If your company is not utilizing the advancements in technological innovation yet, chances are, you are already lagging behind the competition. Additionally, if you don’t have a social media presence, you could be forced to play catch-up with your competitors.

Without social media nowadays, you can only hope for people to find your business by scouring through the classified ads in the newspaper, or if your business is listed in the yellow pages. Although such venues are still useful in the modern day, the internet has proven that it has dominated the marketing landscape quite significantly. If your business is not on the web, you have very slim chances of people finding you.

You have to take advantage of social media today because if you use it right, it can be your next most significant marketing tool. How? Here are the ways.

  1. Social Media Can Attract Traffic from the Right People

By creating a page or profile of your business in social media, you are making your business easy to find. Developers for hire and even social media strategists will say the same thing: you need to be present in social media to get the attention of the right people.

These people are those who might be interested in your business. And if you craft your content right and you diligently engage with your audience, you could turn them into followers. And from followers, they can become paying customers.

  1. Social Media Can Improve SEO

Search engine algorithms are somewhat complicated, but one thing is for sure: social media activity is always taken into consideration.

For instance, if you want to rank high for keywords like “remote jobs,” contents posted in social media revolving around this topic can significantly boost your business presence, not just in social media platforms, but also in search engines. With that said, it is essential to pay attention to how you craft your contents and posts properly in social media with SEO in mind.

  1. Social Media Allows You to Interact with Customers

How would it feel to talk to customers across the globe real-time? Cool, isn’t it? Since social media allows people to connect and interact, businesses should use this feature to engage with their audience as well.

Interacting in social media fosters the relationship with existing customers and supports the formation of a relationship with new customers. It also helps build more brand awareness, not just in your local sphere, but around the world as well. Such interactions are instrumental in generating more traffic and enjoying better conversion rates.

  1. Social Media Marketing Can Target Specific Customers

Although signing up for most social media platforms are free, using social media advertising and marketing comes with a price tag, albeit significantly lesser than mainstream marketing. Also, it’s wise to think that not all people will be watching television most times of the day, but many people are on social media almost 24/7.

  1. Social Media Analytics Help You Craft the Effective Contents

Social media doesn’t just allow you to create, post and share content, it also has built-in analytics features that allow you to dissect and analyze the impact of contents to your audience. These analytics tell you what people are looking at, how long they’ve been visiting, what they like about your content and what type of people are more inclined to engage with your business. With these data, you are now able to create content that engages, retains and sells.


With that said, social media comes with a marketing strategy wherein you can create ads and target customers according to location, gender, age bracket, preferences, and other factors. You might be spending some money on those ads, but you also know that you are attracting the right audience. These people didn’t just see your brand by accident; they saw it because they are most likely to become interested in your business.

Beyond going viral or attracting new customers, it pays to consider how social media can shape and impact your overall digital marketing efforts. In this day and age, your business should be on social media. It’s not an option, but an essential to help take your business to new heights.

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