Transparent SEO Packages

Introducing NO-BS Marketplace SEO Packages. We want to change how SEO is bought and that's why we've built packages with clear deliverables. You won't see a black hole without clear understanding of what we're doing for you each month.

All of our SEO packages include a bespoke strategy and everything you need to action said strategy.

Premium Link Building & SEO Platform


The three key pillars of our SEO packages are:

Strategy Document

Content Creation

Link Building

Our team will provide you with structure and guidance throughout the entire process. We're here to support you every step of the way so you can focus on growing your business.

Strategy Documents

Both on-site and off-site SEO plays an important role in search engine visibility, so it's crucial to start with a documented strategy. Luckily, NO-BS Marketplace is here to help!

Our 12-month SEO strategy will include the following tabs:

On-site technical audit

A complete SEO audit is the foundation of any SEO strategy. The purpose of this initial audit is to assess the health of your website(s) and identify which opportunities to prioritise. It provides an overall baseline for our understanding, so that we can dive deeper into content and execution priorities.

E.A.T audit

(Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). This tab will explain what Google thinks of your brand in regards to the three factors that make up the search principle of E.A.T. – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. It will include an on-site reputation review and recommended steps to improve overall search engine visibility.

Keyword research and clusters

The report will include a tab with a list of raw topic clusters based on your website(s) and your competitor's ranking keywords. The relevant keyword clusters will be used to build your content strategy.

Competitive analysis and anchor analysis

A competitive analysis is a fundamental part of any high-performing SEO campaign. This tab will include information about your competitor's metrics, such as search visibility and backlink information, to highlight opportunities. The anchor analysis will provide insights and recommendations on the anchor profile of your website(s).

Link-building strategy

The link-building strategy tab is based on the pillar and cluster model and provides blog topic recommendations. We will provide target pages and anchor recommendations based on your backlink profile.

The strategy will also identify potential keywords and detail their search volume and difficulty. If you'd like to review a sample strategy, click below.


These days, links are only as good as the content they point to. Google actively favours websites with consistent, user-friendly content that answers the questions of their customers and adds value.

Forget acquiring links to dodgy, unresearched articles; content truly is king.

That's why our SEO packages include content.

Premium Link Building & SEO Platform

All of our content includes the following:

  • 750 words

  • Two stock images

  • Style and tone-matching to your brand/website(s)

  • Contextual links within body copy, author bio or image (as per request)

  • Naturally inserted links to authority sites for natural inbound link profile

  • Adherence to E.A.T. editorial guidelines

  • List of references accompanying each article

  • Data and information sourced strictly from journals and reputable websites

  • Custom meta descriptions and title tags

You're welcome to review a sample of our content below:

Month One Project Timeline

Week 1

In the first week, we will arrange an onboarding call to discuss key information such as:

  • SEO goals
  • Main services and products
  • Target audience
  • Competitors
  • Pillar identification
  • Current keyword research to develop keyword clusters

This will allow us to carefully tailor your SEO strategy creation.

Week 2-3

​After our week one call, our dedicated SEO team will get started on research and analysis to create your tailored 12-month strategy.

Week 4

​In week four, you will have a delivery call with your dedicated SEO strategist to run through your document. This will ensure you feel confident in the proposed SEO strategy and are happy for our team to begin executing, in pursuit of better website rankings.

Our promise to you:

Never acquire a poor-quality link again. NO-BS Marketplace is looking to help 5,000 link builders this year. Why? Because we want to transform the SEO wasteland with high-quality, transparent backlinks. We can’t do that without you.

We promise:

  • Guaranteed live links for a minimum of 6 months

  • Access to the best technology in the industry to manage your campaigns

  • Quality data from SEO resources such as SEM Rush, Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs

  • Link marketplace with legitimate publishers and top-notch customer support

Premium Link Building & SEO Platform

SEO Packages

  • Strategy document
  • E.A.T strategy
  • Free GMB setup
  • Free Rankings Report
  • Free Search Console setup
  • Free Google Analytics setup
  • Articles included per month
  • Links included per month
  • Price per month


  • 2
  • 1
$399 BUY NOW


  • 3
  • 2
$599 BUY NOW


  • 4
  • 3
$799 BUY NOW

optional extras

  • Extra links: $180 per link
  • Extra content: $45 per article
  • Uploading content: $15 per article (WordPress sites only)
  • SEO on-site implementation: $750+ (once-off fee)

Unsure what package to get?

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Scope of work

Each month, NO-BS Marketplace will supply a set amount of guest posts or articles as per the agreed package. These guest posts will be focused on achieving a mixture of volume and quality links from DA20+ to ensure a natural backlink profile. ​Guest post inclusions: A unique 500-750 word article, created and edited in-house, along with two stock images. ​ Custom meta descriptions and title tags for all blogs created by NO-BS Marketplace. ​ Target pages, specifically selected during the strategy document creation process. ​ Custom anchor text, unique for each placement. Note that the decision to use our chosen anchor text ultimately lies with the publisher. ​ Scheduled monthly live link reports, along with access to a dedicated dashboard within the NO-BS Marketplace platform to track the progress and performance of every placement. ​ Agreed domain metrics, including: DA 20+, DR 20+, TF 5+ , Traffic 500+, Topical relevance. ​Additional content information: Written content includes blogs or articles, but not copy (e.g copy for a service page is not included). ​ Links & content will be purchased on a monthly basis, until a 30-day notice of cancellation is provided. ​ Strategy: Quarterly Reviews: A review will be provided every three months from the commencement date. E.A.T. Strategy: Supplied for both growth and domination packages (excluded in the starter package). ​ Initial set-up inclusions: Onboarding call with dedicated SEO Strategist and Account Manager, who will oversee your SEO Package. Creation of your SEO Strategy. A custom 'Global Blacklist', built during the onboarding process, which eliminates the risk of purchasing links that have previously been acquired.
Ongoing publisher review: Publishers can be reviewed and approved during the first month of the agreement. From month two onward, we will execute this process autonomously using the insights provided in month one. ​ ​Content review: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, content produced will not be subject to approval before publication on the chosen third-party publisher site. Publishing content: Content will not be uploaded unless paid for (or otherwise agreed upon in writing). On-site copy: All website copy will be provided by you, the client, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon in writing Implementation: SEO on-site Implementation is excluded unless paid for. Contentious niches: The price quoted does not apply to contentious niches such as crypto, gambling, casino, CBD or pornography. YMYL niches: Websites which Google deems as part of their 'Your Money or Your Life' (YMYL) category may be subject to higher publisher fees. Please consult our team before proceeding with websites in these niches. Free services: The following services are included in the package price: Ranking Report, Search Console Setup, Google Analytics Setup, GMB (Google My Business) Setup. Please note, all eCommerce websites are excluded from these packages.

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