Google Keyword Rank Checker

Ever wondered what a keyword is ranking for? Now you can check with our Google Keyword Rank Checker. This tool allows you to check any URL and keywords, and the Google rankings that go along with that keyword.

Tracking keywords and how they rank in Google is a great way to help see what is working, what to incorporate in your efforts and what you might need to change. It’s also important because it helps you understand your current SEO plan a little better.

SEO is complicated and keyword ranking is one of the main factors associated with it. By analysing certain keywords in your niche you’ll be able to work out which target keywords will be the better options when it comes to organising your SEO campaigns and the keywords you want to rank for. Pages which feature better keyword rankings have the potential to rank for higher traffic keywords and thus rank closer to page one on search engines.

Get started and look for keywords that rank well today.