Web Color Picker

This free color picker is a great website design tool which can be used to help you build the style of your website or webpage. With it’s easy to use design this color picker is suitable for beginners or experienced website designers who are looking to help customers select a good style for their upcoming website.
This tool allows you to work out the colors for each element including links, text, background, border and title. Did you know that web browsers can display around 216 colors. These main colors generally show Hexadecimal (Hex) Values which may feature a combination of FF, CC, 99, 66, 33, or 00. An example of this would be blue equals #0000FF and red equals to #FF000. 

If a color isn’t in these colors then the web browser uses a process called dithering which mixes other colors in an attempt to match the colors not on the palette. Dithering can increase the file size in elements like GIFs and can result in a speckled appearance. Because of this it’s important to try to use the browser palette from the normal display colors.  

Color Picker