In today’s world, link building is becoming increasingly popular for website owners because of the power Google gives goodquality links. For SEO agencies, while it can be a great avenue for your business to offer as a service, with the time and effort that you put into this service, will you get the returns out of it you’re looking for? For some the answer is no and the next best thing is to hire a White Label service from a professional link building company. The problem is

not all link building companies offer the same level of services, link quality and overall price that you’re hoping to gain for both you and your client. So do you startup your own link building services in-house, or do you make the White Label option work for you? This article is about the components of professional link building, and why it’s hard. We’ve broken it up into the following parts to make it easier to read.

  • What Is Link Building and Why It’s A Pain
  • Components Of Successful Link Building
  • Why Inhouse Teams Aren’t The Best
  • Benefits Of Link Building White Label Style For Your Agency

Let’s get started.

Part 1:

What Is Link Building and Why It’s A Pain

Link building is an SEO process which uses different means of acquiring hyperlinks from websites back to your own website. The hyperlink or link, is a way for traffic to navigate between different internet pages and also allows search engines to crawl the websites that link to each other easier. There are different techniques to building links and depending on how you look to achieve this, you may run into some difficulties. Here are some of the reasons why link building is a pain for SEO agencies:

  1. Website Owners Are Unpredictable

If you’ve tried link building through methods like blogger outreach, for example, you’ve probably come to realise that website owners are all different and many are unpredictable. Here’s some of the things you may encounter when trying to negotiate backlinks from websites owners.

  • They agree to add a dofollow link but only offer nofollow links.
  • You agree to a set price to upload the blog and then they increase the price after the content has been written and sent.
  • You create a great article, they say they like it but then change their mind and reject it, causing delays in your order.  
  • You create a great article and they reject it outright.
  • You exchange a lot of messages up until you send the content, then they never get back.
  • The website owner uploads the content but doesn’t include the backlink no matter how many times you email them.

These are some of the common ways website owners are unpredictable and why sometimes blogger outreach link building can be delayed.

  1. Black-Hat Methods Downgrade Link Quality

If you’re an agency, you’ve already heard the terms black hat and white hat link building. Another common problem why link building is a pain is because many people still use black hat methods of link building which can pull down the quality of the site you’re trying to gain a backlink on over time. When many spammy links are added to a website this can make your backlink useless and it could eventually hurt your SEO efforts. Here are some black-hat methods many different people still use that could hurt your website and those they’re linking to.

  • Private Blog Networks or PBNs:PBNs are created specifically to harbour backlinks. Many people still create a network of blogs so they can backlink on or charge money for other people to backlink on.
  • Widget Links:Widgets are used to help improve the user experience of website users. Some widgets have the ability to add links to a website where the owner doesn’t agree or can’t control. Google is against this because they’re not naturally placed on the website.
  • Spammy Directory/Comment Links:Directories and comments are endless, however adding backlinks to as many directories and comments as you can isn’t the best link building practice in the world.

All of these can result in a penalty from Google which can cause long term effects for your clients and ultimately your agency.

This is an example of a PBN website.

  1. There’s A Lot Of Work Involved

Link building is a lot of work. If you’ve tried it, you already know. The reason why it’s so time consuming is because of the different factors that are involved in getting a link live. While we’ll cover the components of link building in part 2 of this article, here’s some of the reasons why link building isn’t for everyone.

  • Setup and management of outreach campaigns depending on the number of clients you have under you.
  • Negotiating with, sometimes difficult, website owners through multiple emails.
  • Organizing the content creation.
  • Working with the website to have them upload it.

While this may seem simple here, there’s a lot of underlying work that goes into link building.

Part 2

Components Of Successful Link Building

What many agencies don’t realise is that link building is made up of several different components. These components are as followed:

  1. Initial Email Setup and Outreach

Before you can gain any links on quality websites you first need to set-up your outreach email, prospect for quality websites, and outreach to them. While this process may sound straightforward, it really isn’t. Here’s some times to remember:

  • Email Set-Up:Email domain needs to be one that’s either the domain name of the client you’re outreaching for, or needs to be a generic one that looks authentic. Remember you’ll only get one shot at emailing a website so you need to make it look as professional as possible.
  • Prospecting:Prospecting for any sites is easy, prospecting for the right sites is a lot harder. When prospecting, don’t forget you need to consider metrics, if they have a blog, if they take guest posts, and whether they’re real sites or PBNS.
  • Outreach:Outreaching to websites isn’t as easy as just sending a simple message. You see many websites get bombarded with emails from people who are looking to guest post on their sites. Because of this, many websites delete generic email templates or ones that look like spam. You have to grab their attention to make them want to open your email and to want to work with you. The key to this is personalisation. Remember you only have one shot.

There are some companies that can help you with this including Ninja Outreach or Buzz Stream, but it’s still time consuming to set everything up and manage your accounts even with these major outreach program providers.

  1. Working With Websites and Their Guidelines

What many agencies may not realise when first starting out their own link building campaign is that website owners have guidelines and fees for publishing. What this means is you’ll find websites wanting certain parameters met before they’ll agree to any content. This comes in the format of guidelines. When working with websites and their guidelines, here’s some things to remember:

  • Decide on topics prior to writing content for the website. Rejection happens more if you don’t work on a topic with the website beforehand.
  • Get a written email in their response that they’ll allow for a dofollow link. Always check if they’ll supply the link that you’re looking for.
  • Write within the word count. Many websites hate when you don’t meet the word count or go over.
  • Make sure you sort out publishing fees first and have it clear. Many websites may try to change it after the content is written and sent.

In understanding how website owners work and utilising their guidelines to your advantage you can gain more success in your link building.

  1. Content Creation

Content creation in the process of guest blogger link building is probably one of the most important key elements. If you’re content isn’t good then it won’t be published. It’s that simple. This component of link building requires a good writer who knows their craft, a good editor, and someone who knows how to dress the article to impress. When creating content here’s some things to remember.

  • Make sure the content is on point to what the topic is about.
  • It should be useful and provide tips for people who read it and can use them in their everyday life.
  • It needs to be formatted well with bullet points, subheadings, and paragraphing to balance white-space and to make it easier to read.
  • Needs to have supporting images and screenshots to help get the message across and to make it look appealing.
  • Needs to be edited to flow well and to avoid any errors that may make the piece look messy.

These are just some of the things to consider during this process.

  1. Live Link

Here’s the tricky part and what makes link building agonizingly frustrating. While you may have written great content, there’s no guarantee that the website will like it or publish it. As soon as you send it off to the website you no longer have control over the process. It’s all about waiting to see what happens. During this process, this is what you shouldn’t do.

  • Contact the website every day about the guest post. Leave it for 5 days and do a follow up. If you’ve done 2 follow-ups over a two week period, it’s safe to say your post isn’t getting published.
  • Don’t demand that they publish the content. Remember it’s their website.

This is the most painstaking part of the process, but with patience you may have a great outcome.

Part 3

Why In-house Team Aren’t The Best

As a digital marketing agency, it can be tempting to setup your own inhouse team of link builders, however there are some drawbacks to doing this. These are:

  • To make money from it you have to sell a certain amount of placements each month to cover the costs of your in-house team.
  • You have to train your link builders to know what metrics you’re after, along with training them to know a quality site from a PBN site.
  • Depending on the size of your inhouse team, it may take time and resources into managing them long term.
  • You have to rely on the reliability of your team on a daily basis.
  • It looks bad to your clients if you can’t deliver quality placements on time.

While there are some benefits to inhouse teams, overall unless you can sell enough placements to cover the cost of your teams monthly salaries, a White Label option may be the next best thing.

Part 4

Benefits Of white label link building agency for your site

White label solutions when it comes to link building can be very profitable for you in the long run. Here’s some of the key areas how it can help to increase your bottom line without you losing out on money.

  1. Making It Affordable For You

Several link building services can provide a number of affordable solutions for you depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re planning to buy a bulk amount, or plan to be a returning client, it may be best to check with your supplier if:

  • One; they can supply the types of links you’re after.
  • Two; they offer any discounts if you purchase in bulk or if you’re a returning customer.

Sometimes it’s good to try a few White Label link building companies on a small order first at full price, and then if you enjoyed their services, you can then check with them about discounts. The ability with this is you have the opportunity to see if you can gain a better deal, especially if you like the original service that was provided.

  1. Guaranteed To Replace Links

Hiring a White Label company to do the work on your behalf can be more cost effective than inhouse. The reason for this is because generally if a site doesn’t get back, the link building company would automatically replace it for you, and redo the whole process all over again without charging you extra. If you were conducting this in house, it would cost you a lot of money, time, and resources in acquiring a brand new link.

  1. Measuring Quality

Hiring a White Label link building company allows you to measure the quality of the sites as well. The benefit to this is that if you’re delivered a link that isn’t the highest quality, you can push back on the supplier. Your supplier should be happy to replace any link they’ve given you if you’re not happy with it. This is why agencies like us at No BS, allows clients to review the website they’ll get before the content is written.

  1. Benefiting Off Existing Relationships For A Better Outcome

White label link building may also be beneficial for you as an agency, because some may have existing relationships with websites. What this means is they may be able to give your clients better websites and deals long term due to the creation and trust between websites and link builder. Utilising this in your overall link building strategy for clients can help you provide better long term links over time.


Not everyone is great at everything. As you can see from the information in this article, it is possible to enhance your SEO agency with White Label solutions for link building, if you find the right company to work with. With perseverance you can become a powerful White Label link reseller for your clients that not only will love the links but you will too. Are you looking to resell links to your clients using White Label solutions?

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