Why Every Business Needs A Customer Champion Program

How the customer-centered approach benefits everyone involved

Techniques like the StoryBrand framework have helped businesses understand the importance of putting customers first in recent years. The framework says brands should look at their customers as a hero on a journey, making them the center of attention at all times. Many companies have taken this philosophy to heart and become widely successful.

The customer-centered StoryBrand idea has had spillover effects, as now some businesses are using customer champions to give customers their own avatar within the company. Champions are becoming essential, helping companies see through the eyes of their customers. Let’s take a look at the role of the customer champion and see how it benefits marketers, business owners, and the customers themselves.

What are Customer Champions?

Businesses are realizing the importance of a customer-centered approach to operations by emphasizing customer champions. Customer champions are representatives within a company who act as the voices of customers. They help relay feedback from customers to higher ranking officials in companies through various programs.

Business Owners Learn More About Customers

Business owners can benefit from insight customer champions give them about their products. Part of a champion’s job is to set up new lines of feedback that help companies gather more information about the needs of their customers. This helps business owners see customer needs adjust their products and services to keep them satisfied.

Marketers Gain Insight into Customer Behaviors

Customer champions can work closely with marketers to create more effective marketing campaigns. Champions represent customers and offer key insights into their behaviors. They know what works and doesn’t, and they can tell you the ideal customer and how they’ll respond to various stimuli. Marketers can use this information to tailor their strategies and form better ideas about how to target customers.

Customers are Free to Voice Their Opinions

Customers need a place to ask their questions and voice their concerns at all times, and customer champion programs help make this possible. Allowing customers to give Facebook reviews on your Facebook page is not enough. It’s important to collect the data, sort through, and see what customers are saying. A dedicated customer champion will you analyze key customer feedback.

Final Thoughts

In the end, customer champion programs help everyone involved in the process. Businesses get to learn more about their customers. Marketers get to use information gathered from champion to improve their customer targeting. Customers get to have a representative that voices their concerns.