Why Bother To Update WordPress?

Will updating WordPress affect my site?

This is a really good question and one we really need to address here, especially since WordPress just came out with the WordPress 4.3.1 security update.

So, you have this WordPress website, and you aren’t sure whether you need to update it or not. After all, these updates seem to be released quite frequently. What if you break the site while trying to update? So maybe it’s just best to ignore the WordPress 4.3.1. Updates right?

WRONG. WordPress upgrades are extremely important and you need to do them regularly.

WordPress and even many of the plugins you use on the website are open-source, which means that programmers can easily analyse it….but then, so can hackers and they can start looking for vulnerabilities right away. To prevent these hackers from accessing your site you need to do WordPress blog updates.

So what will happen if your WordPress site does get hacked?

This can be your worst nightmare. If your site does ever get hacked you can forget your search engine rankings, your content, and often even the design of your WordPress website.

Problem is that there is always a chance that your updates won’t work nicely with the plugins and software on your site, and the update could cause a break.

The solution to this WordPress upgrade problem for Australian website owners is easy; just back up your WordPress site. Back everything up before you perform the WordPress 4.3.1 security upgrade. You can use software to do this; I use Updraft Plus. But there are also tools on your hosting account that can help you backup your current word press site.

Do not neglect your site’s updates – it’s the fastest way to lose it all.

What about This New WordPress 4.3.1 Update?

Some hosting sites will perform the WordPress blog updates automatically, and then just send you an email telling you of the update. If this has happened to you and everything is working well, then you don’t have to worry. On the other hand, if the update went in automatically and your website just doesn’t seem to work well, then you need HELP. That’s when the services of the design team at Studio 56 in Australia can come in handily. We can help you get your WordPress blog back into working order.

The Manual Installation WordPress 4.3.1 Security Update

This is a new security release for all versions of WordPress and we strongly emphasize its importance and strongly recommend that you update all of your sites immediately. This release addresses three issues, which are:

Two cross-site scripting vulnerabilities – a vulnerability that occurs when the site processes short code tags, or when performing processes with the user list table.

A Potential privilege escalation – in some cases users without credentials can publish private posts and make them stick to pages.

Bottom Line

The WordPress 4.3.1 security update is crucial to keeping your website safe, but so are all other WordPress security updates, so you need to continually maintain and update your site to keep it from becoming vulnerable to hackers and viruses.