Instagram Reels: Why You Should Start Using Them Now

Instagram’s answer to TikTok is quickly gaining momentum

In early August, Instagram (IG) launched a new video feed feature on their platform called Reels. This is a clear answer to TikTok, their Chinese competitor that has exploded in popularity across the last 12 months.

In short, IG users have the option to create up to 15–second videos and share them to their stories, feed, or Reels gallery. Thanks to the extensive editing options available, you can be as creative as you want and make your content fit your brand. For example, users have the ability to manipulate the speed, timer, or add different effects to their videos like filters or captions.

While it’s tempted to add lots of text, it‘s best to keep captions to a minimum, with the exception of a call to action and a few hashtags. The latter will help your video attract attention, as it’ll be featured in the explore page.

With that being said, keep on reading to understand why we recommend business owners and marketers should start using IG Reels today.

1. Exposure

By now, we all know that Instagram is a juggernaut. With over one billion active monthly users and more than 500 million active accounts every day, this platform serves virtually every niche and every industry. While the Reels feature is fresh, there’s a huge potential for exposure.

According to News Break, NBA teams have 22% more engagement from Reels. These are crazy numbers—especially for a well-established brand such as the NBA, where the market is already saturated. This shows that if people push out creative content and let the algorithm do the heavy lifting, people and business have the chance to increase their engagement.

2. Sales Opportunities

MarketingDive has reported that IG will extend their shopping capabilities to Reels. Once they’ve finish testing later this year, users will be able to click on any featured products or services on a Reel and complete their purchases directly from the video, without leaving the platform. This opens up a whole new world—especially if you ride the wave and jump on the feature before your competition does. Combine this with the upcoming shopping season and you’ve got yourself a jackpot.

3. Lack Of Competitors

Generally speaking, most users and businesses are hesitant and slow reacting to new social media features and trends, because it takes time for them to feel comfortable and create appropriate content. This makes Reels THE golden opportunity to jump on while it’s still new and growing. Think about it…a feature this big doesn’t come up often. Thus, if you understand how to leverage it and incorporate it into your business, it will give you easy access to millions of prospects within your niche.


IG Reels may be the big break your brand and content has been waiting for. Many marketers and businesses are beginning to capitalize on it, and we’re certain the pioneers who explore, test, and get their feet wet will reap the most rewards from this feature.