High Trust Flow Backlinks: How To Gain Yours Through Blogger Outreach

When it comes to improving your overall website rankings with Google, you may start to implement different SEO strategies in order to gain momentum. However one method that has helped many websites in the past is high Trust Flow link building. High Trust Flow link building, is similar to regular link building, only it focuses on one key metric the most – Trust Flow.

The Importance of Blogger Outreach

While many may have heard about Trust Flow as they sink into the SEO world, not everyone realises the value of these types of backlinks and what they can do for you. For those who are looking to improve their search engine optimisation and position in Google’s eyes, this article will give you a run down of high Trust Flow link building and backlinks, and tips on how to gain your backlink on a high TF website. Let’s get started at the beginning:

Trust Flow: What’s This Metric About?

Trust Flow is the metric that tells you whether a site is trusted by Google upon calculation of different factors. The metric tool Majestic calculates Trust Flow by determining the traffic flowing through a link, the relevancy of a linking site, and any links that are linking to a linking site. It does this by calculating clicks from a seed of trusted sites to a domain. If the calculation of Trust Flow is low, it means the traffic, relevancy and links going to a domain aren’t the best quality. If the Trust Flow is high, then it means the domain contains good quality backlinks which are relevant.

How To Gain Backlinks On High Trust Flow Websites Through Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach and guest posting is a great way to gain a backlink on a High Trust flow website. However the problem is not all websites want to publish guest posts, especially if they aren’t up to the quality needed. If you’re hoping to be successful at guest posting on these types of websites, here’s some things to consider and try:

1. Initial Intro Email

When sending an email to ask about whether a site allows guest posts avoid using the same outreach templates you’d find online. The reason for this is because, one; it’s been done before, and two; most websites won’t open them because they’ll read like spam.


What’s bad with this one is, one; it’s not very well written and it isn’t proofread. It’s also quite lengthy. The sender also didn’t personalise the email as well to who they were sending it to. Generally a lot of website have the name of the contact person on their website.


This one is good because it’s personalised, it mentions recent details about what the website owner was doing, it also asks whether they’re open to collaboration.

2. Initial Intro Email – Subject Line

It’s also important to make sure the subject line is straight to the point and formatted in a professional way telling the recipient what it is they’ll expect when they open the email. In doing this it’ll help to improve the open rate success of your email. For example:

Bad Subject Lines:

  • Question I want to ask you.
  • Articles on your website
  • Hello, can i ask you a question

As you can see above these give nothing to the recipient as to what to expect when they open the email (if they even open it). Instead they look like spam emails that are generally deleted. Instead try to opt for subject lines like the following:

Good Subject Lines:

  • Question About Guest Posting On NoBS.link
  • Enquiring About Guest Posting Opportunities On NoBS.Link
  • Guest Posting Question On NoBS.link

If you see above not only are they offering the recipient an explanation about what the email is about, but you’ll also notice:

  • It’s straight to the point.
  • It makes it more personalized with the website name.
  • It has capitals on each word to make it look more professional.

These three key things can mean the difference as to whether the recipient opens your email or whether they send it to their trash bin.

3. Read Their Guidelines

If you’ve managed to get a positive response from a high Trust Flow website and their interested in guest posting, the next challenge is actually creating a topic and content that they’d like. But before you go and write a 1000+ word article, it’s first ideal that you check their website for any guest posting guidelines or ask them directly. Guest posting guidelines are generally found on the Write For Us page or the Guest Post Guidelines page as seen here below in this screenshot.

The reason why it’s important to check a website’s guidelines is to know:

  • What type of content they’re after.
  • If they charge anything for guest posting on their website.
  • Whether there’s a specific word count.
  • If there’s any other important details which need to be considered.

    4. Topic Creation

Once guidelines are checked, it’s then time to create a topic that the website would like to showcase on their site. You need to remember that most website have likely covered generalised topics before. Some of the common ones may be:

  • What Is Link Building
  • What Is Blogger Outreach
  • Tips For Blogging Better
  • How To Choose an SEO Company

Because they’ve been written time and time again, there’s no point in trying to pitch generalized ideas to a high TF website, unless you have some new information that hasn’t been re-spun to death and that would bring new value to the topic. Instead it’s a good idea to come up with more in depth topics that offer more advanced information, but there’s a key here, you have to try to make it relevant to their website and the one that you’re trying to link back to for the backlink integration to be successful in the eyes of Google. Here’s how to achieve this:

This example is based on a high TF website in the niche of digital marketing. The website we want to gain a backlink too is a company that provides call tracking to businesses. So how would you connect the two and still make it relevant.


  • Call Tracking and How It Helps Your Business
  • Key Steps To Improve Your Marketing Efforts In Business


  • How Call Tracking Can Improve Your Marketing For Better Profits
  • Utilising Call Tracking Can Help Determine Better Marketing Strategies

As you can see the first two focus either on call tracking or marketing separately while the second and third topics focus on call tracking within the marketing niche. In doing this, it appeals to the digital marketing website, and it also helps ties in the call tracking website as well. Blending the two together evenly.

These two topics also offer the prospect good, helpful information which the website would be interested in. Most times titles like these will appeal to these websites because they’re fresh and new which their readers haven’t read before. Always keep this in mind when pitching topics to write about.

Writing Content That Gets Published

Anyone can write content, not everyone can write great content. When it comes to blogger outreach and guest posting, you need great content to get yourself published on the sites that you’re looking to gain a strong backlink to. Here’s some helpful tips on how to write content that’ll help give you the edge when it comes time to be approved or rejected for your guest post.

Cover Solutions To Pain Points

Write your article and keep in mind the pain points that you’re trying to help readers overcome. You need to remember that people who are reading your article have a similar problem they need help solving. Keeping this in mind your article needs to help the reader solve the problem. Take the title of this article we’re currently writing for example.

People, like yourself are looking for answers on how to gain backlinks on these types of websites. While you were reading this article you may have seen screenshots and examples of do’s and don’ts with explanations of how to get it right. These additional small details help the reader to visually see what they’re pain points are, connect with that, and also how to fix it. This is important as it makes for a much more valuable and informative read.

Utilise Good Formatting Style

You can write an amazing blog but if it’s not formatted well, you’ll find the website owner won’t read it or will find it difficult to read. Think about formatting as your first impression, before they read the article they’ll see whether the article looks appealing from first glance. Some tips when formatting include:

  • Use numbered subheadings to help break up each section and to make it clear where each section starts and finishes.
  • Use bullet points to help showcase important details and facts you want the reader to view.
  • Use paragraph spacing to break up large blocks of text. 4-6 lines is a good size paragraph without being too large, small or unnatural.
  • Include screenshots to help improve and get your point across better. Screenshots can be valuable when explaining something as it provides a visual balance between the text and the written word. It helps people understand what they’re reading better.
  • Use high quality stock images that are relevant to your guest post. This helps to improve the overall appeal of your guest post on first glance.

In implementing better format techniques it allows you to create a healthy balance between whitespace and text. This means that it allows for the content to be easier to read.

Always Write Unique Content

A sure way of getting your guest posts rejected from high Trust Flow websites is by sending in content that is duplicated or has duplicated sentences from other website. You see plagiarised content can hurt a website’s ranking in Google. When Google detects duplicated content it has to determine which site offers the better value to the traffic that comes through it, thus it rates them lower in search results because both sites offer the same details and information.

Here’s an example of duplicated content through plagiarism checker Copyscape.com

Here’s an example of content that’s passed Copyscape.com and is ready for sending.

Always write unique, informative content for your best chance of being accepted and published on a high Trust Flow website.

Why Backlinks On High Trust Flow Sites Are Valuable

High Trust Flow sites and the backlinks you can gain from them are valuable in a few ways. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • They give your site more authority in the eyes of Google which helps to not only boost your website ranking but also to push your own website metrics up as well. The higher your metrics become, you’ll start to see more money making opportunities come in such as people wanting to pay to advertise or gain a backlink on your website.
  • They help to improve awareness of your blog by increasing the number of traffic that runs through your website over time. Generally high TF websites have a decent amount of organic traffic which can help to improve your overall traffic levels long term. The more people visit your site the more popular and authoritative you become.


When it comes to gaining backlinks on high Trust Flow websites, it’s important to remember that you can’t just write any old blog and hope it will be published. Instead give yourself a better chance at getting published by following the tips and tricks in this article. By taking your time, researching, and really putting some effort into the guest posts that you create for these types of websites, you’ll have a higher chance of really seeing the results you’re after. What’s the most successful high Trust Flow website you’ve successfully been published on?