Google Journalist Studio Will Make Life Easier for Journalists

A quick look at Google’s new search tools for journalists

The lives of journalists will soon be much easier thanks to a new set of tools being rolled out by Google. The company’s search package for journalists, Google Journalist Studio, is giving reporters two new tools that will revolutionize the industry forever.

Google Journalist Studio

Google Journalist Studio offers several tools aimed at helping journalists sort through information faster. It’s a new search package that helps you access information easier by giving you ways to narrow down searches and pinpoint the exact information you’re looking for. Two new tools, Pinpoint and Common Knowledge Project, have new functions that will help news reporters in brand new ways.

Image Source: Google Journalist Studio

Google’s New Tools

The first tool, Pinpoint, is able to look through scanned documents and find important data based on filters you select. Journalists can now sort through PDFs, written notes, scanned images, and other information that doesn’t have a digital form. What stands out is the tool’s advanced search feature which allows you to find synonyms of words or related words in seven different languages. Journalists who want to use the tool can request access from Google.

The other tool, Common Knowledge Project, is a beta tool that lets you create charts and visualize date based on data points found online from different fields including Health, Education, and Government. You can select specific metrics you’d like to compare and set them up in charts to present data sets however you need. Because it’s in beta, Google is asking users to submit feedback and help them improve it.

Easy Journalism

Google’s search features continue to evolve and make it easier for people to find exactly what they need online. The two new tools included in Google Journalist Studio are exceptionally useful and will make life much easier for journalists.