7 Tips to Make Your Social Media Campaigns Shoot to the Stars

They come at you from all sides. It’s what every business talks about; Social media services for your Australian Website. Your inbox, mobile and even your favorite news channel is rife with the term “social media.”

You want to ignore all information relating to social media campaigns, but do you really think you should?

Most Australian website design service users resist the idea using social media advertising, putting it off for long periods of time; believing that there are many other better advertising tools to use, and trying to ignore the fact that social media has grown into such an Internet powerhouse. Still, while organic traffic, SEO and other free marketing methods go a long way towards increasing your Australian website design’s visibility, we now think it’s time to seriously consider advertising on social media platforms.

How Important are Social Media Outreach Services

If you spend money on digital advertising, social media ads can earn you some very good returns – and in some cases, these can also be the cheapest way to reach people. Social media outreach services are important for a number of reason. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • They can open your website or brand up to more potential clients and customers.
  • They can help to generate more profit for you over a long period of time because your brand name gets in front of more people which turn them into paying customers.
  • They have the ability to target the right people instead of the wrong people.
  • You save money on ads that may or may not be bringing in new people.
  • They save you time without you having to do the outreach yourself.

These are just some of the important reasons and benefits as to why social media outreach services may be a great option for you.

There Are Some Fantastic Best Practices Now!

Some 10 years ago, social media marketing was a relatively new practice, there were no rules to the game, but today there are many top social media advertising experts that are pioneering the way and showing us what the best practices are and which strategies work best for social media advertising, which methods are successful for digital media advertising for Melbourne businesses.

At Studio 56 we continue to dip our toes further into social ads for our customers, because we now know that these bring in successful conversions for our Melbourne website owners. There are a ton of things we’ve tried, but we want to share 7 tips that have helped us drive those social media ads home.

1. Multiple Versions of Social Media marketing advertisements

When we write headlines for posts or pages, we come up with about 15 or more headlines. This helps us create more than a few advertisements. We create several versions of the copy and test them with different images. Then we test to see what draws the audiences in.

We have several versions of or Melbourne website design ads and anything that comes in lower than 1.5 CTR after a few hours, we deactivate. So the strategy is this:

2. Create a number of ad variations.

3. Analyze the stats to see what works.

4. Deactivate or remove ads that don’t perform well.

This button helps focus your ad and enhances the call to action, making the reader take action and go to the website design you direct him towards.

5. Create a Custom Landing Page

If the idea is to convert, or signup members of your audience, then you have to think of what a person who visits your Melbourne based website design will do once they click on the button.

Social Media Ads Work in a Two-Step Process

You have to create the advertisement but you also have to create the destination. Where is your reader going? You have to direct him towards what you want him to do. The most successful Melbourne social media agencies often use a custom landing page; it is where the copy carries them from the ad to the landing page to the SALE.

And the more targeted your advertisement, the more targeted your landing page should be. This also works well with e-commerce sites that want to target a single product or a special offer.

6. Get the Price Out into The Open!

An interesting social media marketing tip that many Melbourne experts agree on is to get the price right out into the open. You want to pre-qualify your traffic and only want people to click on the advertisement when they feel comfortable paying the price.

The key to picking up on this comfort is to clearly state your price.

7. Offer Discounts

In recent Facebook surveys, more than 60{7aba29edf44a4bc7bb834f1dc1c63f7c2f88158984562340bf94dc65472f3791} of all users suggested that they were more likely to click on a discounted offer. So if you want to be more successful at social media marketing, be sure to mention a discount in your campaigns.


Social Media advertising to promote your Melbourne based web properties can offer an excellent way of getting your audience to pay attention to what you have to offer. And the biggest benefit is that even today, social media advertising is not expensive, anyone can participate and it only takes a small monthly investment which most businesses can budget into their expenses.

If these helped and you’d like to know more tips, you can watch this helpful video from Youtuber Justin Bryant here: