Brian Kiprotich

I’m Brian Kiprotich, born and raised in Kenya. Born with a quiet demeanor and a rich inner world, I discovered the power of words to express and share my unique ideas with the world.

My content writing journey began in 2015 when I ventured into technical writing. Having pursued Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Technical University of Kenya, I believed I had what it took to craft informative articles.

But then I realized I needed another ingredient—search engine optimization. In a bid to learn more about SEO, I worked with several webmasters before working as an SEO content specialist. I continue to learn about the broad aspect of SEO, and I leverage the skills I’ve earned to create informative blogs and help readers understand and improve their brand’s online presence.

You’ll find me watching football when I’m away from the keyboard. As a diehard fan, I spend most of my weekend afternoons watching the EPL and other exciting leagues. I also play video games, so if you love FIFA, invite me for a challenge.

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